What to expect when aurora hunting….

2017-03-02T00-23-21 - IMG_2725_DTE-2726_DTE-stitch(2017-03-01 – Aurora Australis, 2 image composite, 18mm, 30sec, ISO 6400, WB 3000K)

It seems the “big magnetic storm” of 22/23 April 2017 made the news last night and hundreds of people rushed out to see the aurora. As always there is news and then there is reality. The news folk are trying to get as many eye balls as possible and tend to exaggerate a bit.

Some well know photographers have posted a few good articles about what you can expect to see when out during a magnetic storm, if you have dark skies and an unobstructed view of the southern horizon.

TLDR; Your night vision is black and white, but a camera is much more sensitive. So all those amazing pictures you see are not what you see with the naked eye. Whilst it is possible to see colour if the aurora is strong, you are more likely to see a whitish glow.

And besides, a lot of the photos have had the saturation boosted to make the colours more intense.

Here are a few more of my Aurora Australis photos….

This one was very visible to the naked eye, lots of ‘white’ beams dancing across the sky….

2016-09-29T21-59-07 - IMG_4729-4732_stitch_DTE_tight_crop_01(2016-09-29 – Aurora Australis, composite image, 18mm, 30sec, ISO 6400, WB 2800K)

An image taken on the way back to the car after a night shooting the aurora, it was dying out at this point, just a delicate glow left in the sky and a few beams. I call this my aurora tree.

2016-04-15 @00-53-51 IMG_8994(2016-09-29 – Aurora Australis, composite image, 18mm, 30sec, ISO 6400, WB 2800K)

A very grainy vertical panorama, the same tree as above but it has now fallen over (sigh)….

2017-03-02T00-12-35 - IMG_2710-2712_DTE_stitch(2017-03-02 – Aurora Australis, 2 image vertical composite, 18mm, 30sec, ISO 6400, WB 3000K)


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